Latitude 47 North

Artwork by Rose Berg


Latitude 47 N – and 122 W longitude – is Seattle, Washington where I have been fortunate enough to live for more than 30 years. Seattle and Washington state have everything an artist could wish for – forests, mountains, lakes, rivers, canals, Puget Sound, the ocean, prairie, vineyards, wildlife, gorgeous skies… An endless array of landscape and people and animals and weather to exemplify on canvas.

I loved to draw as a child and have always been drawn to art. When my kids were young, I encouraged their drawing and painting skills yet didn’t pursue anything further for myself until well into adulthood. My original love was watercolor – I took some lessons and played around with it for a few years. But life threw some curve balls and painting had to take a lower priority for a while. I went back to school at 52, got my ATA in CIS: Web Development and started my own business – Bluepoint Enterprises, a website design company – which I have enjoyed for a number of years and in which I was still able to use my design skills.

Needing an outlet from the intensity of running a business single-handedly, I carved out some time to start painting again. I decided to try acrylic painting and fell in love with the flexibility, range of textures and depth of color. I studied under internationally accomplished artist, Beverly Hooks, who introduced me to ‘open’ acrylics which stay wet longer like oil but without the fumes and added steps.

I recently retired from my business – yay! – giving me the freedom once again to pursue painting full time and to work on my own style – still evolving… I paint subjects that inspire me, mostly landscape. But I am also captivated by horses and dance and the sea – in fact any subject that creates a spark in me. Like many artists, I am drawn to the light which makes a painting come alive. And I am having fun!

If you’d like to comment or see something you like, I’d love to hear from you.

Rose Berg